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We’re proud of all our projects and campaigns. Here’s just a sample.
BUBKA and Topcompare design a robot to conquer Europe
BOSTO continues to rice… ehm, rise
How BUBKA gave Bosto a taste of Ideation
TADA! spray
PeritusBrands and Bubka launch “Tada!” – crease-free and fresh in 1-2-3
Lutti candy
The party is here!
Baloise Insurance
Future driving will be safe
Domestic violence
Think before you act
Dr. Oetker
What would you do with one free hand?


At BUBKA, we love our clients and feel lucky to be able to work with them.



Switch on the ‘always on consumer’?! Here’s how, at BUBKA. Simply explained.

Technology has changed the world. And it’s only just begun. Because it’s no longer just about screens. Wearables, bio-, nanotech and A.I. will automate more and more of many people’s decisions. All over. People will wear in and on their bodies the technology­ that produces the bits and bytes to make this happen. So, as a brand, how do you get your foot in that door?

You go with the flow, use the technology. But then what? You’ll need more. You’ll need emotions and meanings that technology won’t deliver. To turn people on, you’ll need to MOVE and WOW them. Make them smile, cry, care. Astound them, make them wonder. Be Smart & Sexy. Because that’s what will make them turn to you.

If that’s the way you see things too, then we’ll be proud to help you. Crafting your talk, shaping your look. Make your voice sing and help you engage. Improve, renew and expand what people feel and think about your brand. Push the buttons that get people to act. At high speed. Always Ready. Always There.

Together we’ll connect with people. Using new as well as ‘old skool’ advertising skills. We’ll have lots of fun on the way.


BUBKA’s a melting pot where eager young talents are embraced and fostered by seasoned admen. A place where future stars share the kitchen with multi-awarded former network execs. But also a warm home for start-ups where they can make their innovative ideas available to you as a marketer.

You’ll feel good working with us!



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