Mar 22, 2018

BUBKA inspires Baloise Insurance customers to live worry-free

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With Safe Home Fire & Water, Baloise Insurance developed a new extension to its Home Assistance-product to relieve its customers of as many worries as possible. BUBKA dove head-first into the project to create a fun and feel-good campaign on Facebook, Google and through direct mail.  

A new law in Belgium requires all homes to have smoke detectors installed in the near future. Baloise Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, developed Safe Home Fire & Water to anticipate this new law.

It includes a smart detection system for leakage and fire. a professional security check, assistance to find the right repair service and a wider coverage. It’s safe to say Safe Home Fire & Water takes away a lot of worries for home owners and tenants.

BUBKA translated that exact feeling, that you too could live without worry, in our campaign. Instead of convincing you about the product, we chose to offer an emotion. Or rather: the thought that you too could dream up something crazy like building a ball pit in your living room, because you’re so well-insured.

We chose digital media to reach a wide audience. The target group is very active online and follow the newest tech trends. That’s why social media seemed the best platform to convey our message in one clear visual.

Yes, we actually built a colorful ball pit. In a real living room. And we had a father and daughter play around in it. It turned out to be an extremely spontaneous photoshoot, which certainly helped to convey the idea of a worry-free life.

You should try it sometime.