Jun 12, 2018

Baloise Insurance offers financial security in life, before and after retirement

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What if you hit a stroke of bad luck and become incapacitated professionally? Or you get closer to retirement and your income plummets? Will you still have enough resources to continue life as you know it? BUBKA created a smart campaign around Baloise Insurance’s financial security services.  

Instead of focusing on products, BUBKA chose to connect with the target audience through a state of mind of ‘no worries’. Baloise Insurance will take care of financial aspects when you’re meeting tough times. No matter what. So your friends just need to make you laugh while you’re in the hospital. Or take you skydiving at any time.

BUBKA used a smart funnel to convert casual interaction into actual clients. Here’s how it worked. First, we reached out to our target groups to create interaction through polls and blogs on several topics. Once that first contact was established, we introduced Baloise Insurance, investing heavily in video and conversion. Then we had the potential customer find an insurance broker and become client.

We generated quality leads by offering people stories and images they can actually relate to: a carefree and fun-filled life, surrounded by people you love.