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BUBKA’s bursting out for Zespri kiwi’s

With a TV advertisement that should appeal to the whole of Europe, BUBKA has kicked off a campaign to attract consumers en masse to Zespri® kiwi’s. The kiwi season in New Zealand has been unusually successful and we’re going to be absolutely inundated with supplies of Zespri® Sun Gold.

Reason enough then to focus on broadening our campaigns for Zespri® kiwi fruit. Over the past few years we talked about its health advantages, but in the current context we’ve been trying hard for more “mental availability” for Zespri®. We’re doing that by working associated ideas like freshness, flavour, family and sharing into the campaign. The new TV advertisements aim more for a “feel good factor” than the informative sense of the earlier ads.

It’s all about experiencing all the goodness that a Zespri® kiwi offers, an explosion of taste sensations, shown literally in the TV ad. The almost magical surprise effect of Zespri® is fully developed in the associated promotional activity. It’s now possible to scan every Zespri® SunGold kiwi with a unique “augmented reality” app; you see a magical animation where you can see if you can change your kiwi into gold and win a superb prize.

The television ads will be supported by YouTube trailers, video-ads on Facebook, POS material and conversation management. There’s an instructional video on the app and a print campaign. There are also plans for tastings and other promotions.