BUBKA and Topcompare design a robot to conquer Europe

BUBKA’s and TopCompare design a robot to conquer Europe

Topcompare’s story is an ambitious one. The website wants to become the number one reference in Europe for everything consumers should compare: from personal loans to telecom tariffs… They asked BUBKA for a creative concept that could easily be adapted and launched all over the continent.  

The answer wasn’t an easy one. People usually don’t trust anything that has to do with loans. A sound strategic analysis led us to look for a future-proof, objective, impartial, modern and friendly spokesperson.

A robot was the only thing that could check all the boxes. No Terminator or anything big aggressive, but something cute and trustworthy. Something that appeals to everyone.

Through thorough character study and brainstorms we managed to develop a 3D-animated robot, slightly inspired by EVE from the movie “Wall-E”. Only smarter and friendlier.

A first wave of TV commercials ran in the southern part of Belgium, Finland and Denmark, advising people to compare personal loans and car insurances. Later this year, a Dutch version of the commercial will launch in Flanders.

Which country will our little robot conquer next? Who knows … Stay tuned!