BOSTO continues to rice… ehm, rise

How BUBKA gave Bosto a taste of Ideation

BOSTO continues to rice… ehm, rise

Belgian rice brand Bosto unexpectedly had to say goodbye to its sister brand Panzani, leaving the brand with a huge challenge. One it faced with BUBKA at its side.

BUBKA used Ideation as developmental methode to get Bosto swinging again. This started with a workshop to list every challenge. BUBKA and Bosto explored the latest food trends and collected ideas on how to capitalize on them. The goal was to find a way to market existing and new products differently, so they would find their way to consumers again. New and relevant ideas needed to add value to the Bosto brand.

Product innovation 
It quickly became clear regular rice doesn’t get consumers going anymore. But products that tap into health, convenience and taste still offer a lot of possibilities. This led to the decision to quickly offer a wide variety of products that currently are in high demand. Bosto launched a series of innovative products, combining rice with other grains. Another range of products focused on convenience, with different 90-second microwave flavors. From all these proposed product combinations, BUBKA and Bosto distilled the quick wins that correspond with the consumer’s demand. Desk research and consumer behavior research showed which products were the most relevant ones. It proved to be a success.

New brand positioning 
BUBKA also developed a new positioning for Bosto to go with the evolution of the renowned Belgian rice brand. This resulted in Bosto becoming a ‘local brand that cares about local people’. It brought the brand much closer to the consumers than any big American competitor or white label brands. Bosto helps you find a diet as well as lifestyle that is focused on taste, health and convenience. And not simply by offering variation and inspiration. Bosto wants to help every Belgian to feel good. That’s the mission: Bosto creates a #betterme. We adapted this message to TV commercials, POS advertising, digital content and eCRM.

Digital content that works 
‘A local brand’ must be able to answer every consumer’s question coherently. What is he looking for and what bigger question lies behind it? We made smart use of Google keyword analysis to develop content that is more relevant for consumers. For example: during winter consumers often google for words around the theme ‘winter blues’. At first glance, these searches appear to have nothing to do with grains or rice. Yet, BUBKA found a connection by combining parsnip and avocado, two ingredients that help fight the winter blues, with Bosto products. This way, Bosto became a brand that helps consumers online (newsletter, blog, eCRM, native, influencers, Facebook ,Instagram) to find answers. Recipes with parsnip and avocado also led consumers to coupons and a contest, resulting in targeted action. Thus, the Ideation-circle was complete.