Apr 2, 2019

Wereldhave are happy with Bubka


In readiness for World Happiness Day on 20th March Bubka launched the first joint advertising campaign for the five Wereldhave shopping centres. Wereldhave gave Bubka the task of developing a positioning that would suit their centres in Doornik, Genk, Kortrijk, Liège and Nivelles, each of which was operating its own communications and marketing policy. Because of that, there was a lack synergy among them, and when times are hard for shopping centres, working together can make you stronger.

“These days bricks & clicks are vying for every purchase by every consumer”, says Michel Laukens, Bubka’s client service director. “That means online’s going up and retail’s got to re-discover how to cope with this new reality. So it was high time for Wereldhave to come up with ads aimed at what real shopping means”.

Real-world shopping is in no way comparable to making a virtual purchase. Because, of course, people go shopping not just to have a look at some funky clothes, or run their fingers over them, or even to “bag” something nice and then dash home with it. People also go shopping to get away from it all, to feel good about themselves, come home with a surprise for the kids or just to spend a day together.

Based on that observation, Bubka re-formulated Wereldhave’s mission for their shopping centres. It’s not just about the actual facilities for shopping trips and making them as pleasant as possible, but it’s also about those little moments of joy every day.

Bubka drew up a shared concept with “Happy Shopping” as the general tagline. We brought  that into being with the launch of a campaign in OOH (Abribus, 8m2,20m2 and on buses) and on radio and digitally. We also had a series of advertising hoardings in the actual shopping centres themselves, using the strapline “Happiness is…enjoying each other…finding what I’m looking for…being able to find a parking space…having a good old natter…”

Radio spots 20″: