Sep 18, 2017

New season? New people!

BUBKA New People

Over the past few months Bubka has won a whole heap of new contracts, and we’ve attracted some brand new clients. To cope with this mountain of extra work five new team members have come on board. Caro Peeters and Mandy Perrone are going to strengthen our Account Team. Caro has worked with international clients like Netflix and 20th Century Fox, while Mandy has led campaigns for such clients as AVA, Playmobil, OudenDijk and Technopolis.   Bubka was in need of extra hands so we could extend our renowned levels of service to our new clients. We’re really pleased that we’ve been able to find such really good people who share our philosophy and are such a good match for our clients. And they’ll fit into our teams perfectly.

And Bubka got a real shot in the arm when we took on Bob van der Meer as a digital creative, as well as new art director Wim Moras and Christophe Vanheygen as copywriter. Wim and Christophe have both earned their spurs with international network bureaus where they’ve won various awards. Bob is a Dutchman who’s landed up at Bubka via an internship with FoxP2 in South Africa. As well as all having great experience, they’re mad keen to work with us to build Bubka’s creative future. We’re going to come up with some great stuff!