Gezinsbond is growing with BUBKA’s help.


Gezinsbond (Family Association)’s greatest ambition is to be a modern organization that goes in to bat for all families, young and old, big and small. And with so much experience of all aspects of recruitment of members and its skill with loyalty programmes for non-profit organizations, BUBKA is their ideal partner.

BUBKA will be branding Gezinsbond in a modern and relevant way, to achieve more connection with the younger “Generation Y” families, and work across generations more generally. So that absolutely everyone can instantly relate to Gezinsbond. To that end we’ve introduced a new strapline: “Gezinsbond grows with you”. Starting from there we developed a campaign that highlighted not only the practical advantages of membership, but also the relevance of the association to everyday life. And it’s all very down-to-earth and recognizable, without too much in the way of advertising frills. Then, using a sophisticated mixture of print media, direct and e-mailing and online methods like search, social media and bannering, we built a recruitment and retention trajectory based on the customer journey.