Dec 16, 2017

What effect will the new Facebook algorithm have on your brand?

BUB - facebook

That is the question we faced at the beginning of 2018. Facebook has announced that an important update is about to be made to its algorithm. There’s going to be more content from friends, and less from brands. It’s no surprise; but what’s that going to mean for your brand?

Facebook is about linking people together, and Zuckerberg is “going back to basics”. Over the last twelve months Facebook users have been presented with a whole load of questions about their timelime preferences. The conclusion was obvious: Facebook users want to see more from their friends and less from brands.

Quality is going to be more important than ever

Brands are facing greater challenges than ever before to offer their fans high quality content. Content has to be useful and interesting for its taget group, and not only that but it helps if you can make your content mobile-friendly and make sure that your website is user friendly too.  These days, sneaky clickbait, or crafty ways of getting likes tend to earn nothing but displeasure.

But fortunately there’s a good side to this coin; high quality content will be rewarded. You’ve got nothing much to fear if you come up with a good social media strategy.

Less video

In an interview for Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of Facebook’s newsfeed, acknowledged “You’ll see less video content in the future. Videos just encourage fewer conversations” For brands, video content was the route to the broadest reach, but in 2018 we shan’t be able to see Facebook so much as a maas medium. Of course, Facebook is still going to repay vertical video; but it won’t be possible to have any success shuffling a horizontal TV-ad onto social media.

Are CPM and CPC going to cost more?

Less space on newsfeeds for brands is undoubtedly going to mean that advertising will be more expensive. An impression or a click will cost more. But at the same time, brands will need to improve their targeting. They’ll be forced to look more critically at their advertisements, but clicks and impressions will have more significance, too.

Other channels

Use a small portion of the budget to experiment on other channels. News websites are testing flat out at the moment; there are Facebook groups (which build reach organically); and there are a lots of other things like newsletters, better app-derived push notifications, and so on…