Jun 23, 2017

Bubka’s going to make you a #BetterMe with Bosto wholegrain and rice mixes


Bosto and Bubka have come up with a plan to grow Bosto into a more diverse brand. By widening the gamma with rice-and-wholegrain mixes, up-to-date profiling and a string campaign, Bosto is keen to connect with new diet trends. GFK-research has shown that Bosto still has an enormous amount of potential.

“The healthy characteristics of the various Bosto products are an important engine for driving growth, but until now we haven’t made much of them”, explains Raf van Raemdonck, managing partner at Bubka. “That was because a lot of consumers are either indifferent about what carbohydrates appear on their plates, or they’re prejudiced. To bridge that gap, feelings are central to the new approach; things like vitality, feeling good, eating together and sharing. Living like we’d all like to nowadays, in short”.

This new campaign is intended to create excitement about having rice and wholegrains on our plates. It goes further than classical approach of encouraging variation. By making Bosto’s communication funkier and more sparkly we’re making people pay more attention to what they’re going to eat every day. If you’re “time poor” then Bosto is definitely your ideal partner to help you conjure a delicious, balanced daily meal onto the table.

Steffi Vertriest, good-living role model and rising star of Njam, is firmly convinced by Bosto’s varied wholegrain products. She’s got involved not only as the face of the campaign but is offering inspiration with her modern recipes using Bosto’s quinoa and mixed wholegrains.  With the catchphrase #BetterMe she’s promoting Bosto as healthy and delicious in a TV commercial, PR, targeted online video, online display, branded content promotions and in-store communications.