Feb 18, 2018

Bubka gives Sipwell a new logo … and more!

Bubka doet rebranding van Sipwell

Sipwell chose Bubka to rethink the corporate identity. Challenge accepted.

Sipwell is a rather famous brand of water, served through colourful, state of the art and easy to use water dispensers. Over 700.000 Belgians drink it every day, in every way they wish: cooled, room temperature, hot and even sparkling.

In the past, Sipwell’s identity has already changed a couple of times, leaving the brand at a point to rethink what it actually stands for and how it should position itself to be futureproof.

B2B will always be the main focus for the Sipwell, but recently the B2C market proved itself ready to accept water coolers as a new alternative to expensive bottled water.

We came up with a brand new brand story for Sipwell, resulting in the simple slogan: “hello, lighter life”. Because that’s what having a Sipwell means: your groceries are lighter, you drink more water so you’ll feel lighter and you are always refreshed.

Following that idea, we created a new logo to correspond with that lightness. The logo was translated to packaging, interior design, administrative documents and much more.

The brand story also lead to rebranding the company’s trucks. These show lightness of life both at work and at home.

The product is of course still the main focus here, but it also adds a playful element to the delivery of Sipwell’s water bottles.

BUBKA - flessen Sipwell