May 4, 2017

Bubka is excited about Baloise Insurance

Baloise Veilig Gevoel

BUBKA has developed a campaign for the new Baloise Insurance accident insurance called “Veilig Gevoel”

Every parent wants to protect their family the best they can. But then raising children also means giving them space to grow. In short, it’s always a balancing act between protecting them and giving them their freedom. And another thing; we know that many parents still either forget about the financial consequences if things do go wrong––or don’t even think about it…

But Bubka took that worry and used it to develop a campaign that’s optimistic, that shows how thinking about accident insurance gives you peace of mind, and lets you enjoy life. We came up with a series of storylines to make the fullest connection between individual situations and the distinguishing characteristics of the different target sub-groups. That meant we operated a very closely targeted campaign, via Facebook ads, YouTube trailers, direct mail and print.

Because it was clear from analysis of the results of past campaigns that conversion increases with the number of different creative approaches, we worked with different series of short films and ads. Based on the same concept we created a similar number of still ads as well as movie linkads, but we also used posts that told the stories of accident victims, case histories, dramas; and everything drew people towards the simulator where formulas and prices could be found.

Of course, insurance brokers were involved in exclusive roles as expert advisors, and there’s a competition website at where new customers can win cool prizes. Campaign ends 31st June.