May 28, 2018

BUBKA and Bebat declare May “Used Battery Month”


An amusing campaign ran for the whole month of May, trying to get people to think about all the used batteries they’ve managed to collect. The object of the exercise was to collect more used batteries for recycling, and “Used Battery Month” was an unprecedented success.

Bebat has involved itself in the collection of old batteries for a good few years now. Many Belgians underestimate the sheer number of old batteries they’ve got lying around the house; they’re often forgotten about and nobody takes them to the recycling…

But thanks to the “Used Battery Month” campaign on various online platforms, the people of Belgium were reminded in a fun way to stop letting their old batteries just lie around at home.

“It was a clever idea to lay claim to a period like that,” explains Raf van Raemdonck, strategic director of BUBKA. “Certainly if the intention is to make an annually recurring event out of it. And by adding a gaming element we can make it into more than just the one awareness campaign. And it can’t be just a reminder to recycle more batteries; it’s got to have a more attractive connotation

Such as winning an e-Bike, for example; or having the chance to win a tote bag, or a solar-powered charger.

On the creative side BUBKA worked with the animated characters of the illustrators Eugene and Louise. “Yes,” says creative director Ben Van Asbroeck, with a laugh; “It was great fun to bring them to life in the film clips!”

The animated films were on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, for a month, as well as in display ads. And that certainly bore fruit, because during May the number of new visits to the Bebat website went up by at least 150% in comparison with normal months. And, there were 33% more requests for recycling bags and boxes than in the same period the year before.