May 4, 2017

Bebat and Bubka launch the Great Battery Clean-up


In 2016 Bebat collected 25% more used batteries than they did in 2015, and this year, Bebat has entrusted Bubka with developing a number of social media campaigns. Bubka has succeeded in finding a clever but fun way of combining the job of alerting a large target group, raising their awareness and getting information to them.

The partneship kicked off in April with a campaign round the theme of Spring Cleaning. It’s the ideal moment to introduce the “Great Battery Clean-up”. Everyone’s got a lot more batteries lying around than they think. Whenever we go through our cupboards and drawers we often come across quite a few old batteries lying around.

With this campaign we’re making sure Bebat’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind at just the right moment for them. And, we’re giving everyone an extra incentive to take their “forgotten” batteries to the collection point.

The “Great Battery Clean-up” includes a competition on a campaign website, interactive social media content and online-ads on YouTube, Google and Facebook. Bebat has found the ideal partner for this campaign in Ecover, who are going to delight the winners with a year’s worth of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Want to know more about our work? Visit the Bebat website or check the posts on their Facebook page.