Digital Project Manager

Let’s get digital, digital

Remember that Olivia Newton-John song? If you’re as digitally savvy as we hope, you already found out it’s about getting ‘physical’. However, we need someone with an obsession for digital. Like websites, newsletters, SEO-trajectories and other content-y things.

Things that make you stand out:

  • Off the charts stress-resistance. The interwebz doesn’t wait
  • An analytical mind that is able to draw reports from Google analytics, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, …
  • A hands-on mentality to execute updates and send out newsletters
  • Organizational skills to make every project run as smooth as baby’s bottom from briefing to result analysis
  • Mad troubleshooting skills

Things you should have:

  • Knowledge of the interwebz dictionary: from API, CMS and GTM all the way to UTM, UX and UI
  • A degree in Communications Management, Digital Media or Cross Media
  • Basic HTML skills
  • L33t knowledge of website maintenance, hosting and CMS-programs like Wordpress or Drupal
  • Some experience in Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor
  • The key to unlocking the secrets of advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever new platform is hip amongst the today’s younglings
  • 1UP if you have Google Certificates and some Google Data Studio knowledge

Things you’ll get if you tick all the boxes:

  • An extremely challenging job with an ambitious agency
  • A competitive salary. That’s right: we’ll “show you the money”.
  • Benefits galore: a brand-new smartphone and a laptop to do your digital whatchamathingies
  • 20 colleagues, one fish and a nice view of the outside world

Things you should do if you want the job:

Apply online, of course! You can also send us an e-mail or go “old school” and give us a ring. On the phone, not the finger. Here are the details: Michel Laukens - - 0475/667760

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