Is your brand or product perceived sustainable?

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Find out the true value of sustainability for your brand and which communication drivers to use or avoid. Get your target audience’s view on what is important when it comes to sustainability, for your brand, your industry, your category. Discover the priorities that will determine your brand’s growth.

The ‘Sustainability Brand Scan’ is a two-phase quantitative research model, developed by Bubka and prof. dr. Gino Verleye (UGent & VUB) to help brands find answers and opportunities in sustainability.

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  • Clarifies what sustainability means to your target group in relation to your industry or category, how different brands score and where your opportunities lie.
  • Indicates priority communication drivers and tests the credibility, relevance and understandability for your target audience.
  • Provides insights in differences between generational, regional and motivational segments. It also benchmarks you against your competitors.

What do you get? What will you learn?

Customized initial online research on a representative panel of n=800 Belgians 18+ segmented to your industry (max 1,8% error of measurement). The e-survey questionnaire is tailored to your brand after an initial briefing workshop.

Data are analysed, modelled and presented in an initial report on the state of your industry and brand, including recommendation of ways to go. Based on these results, concept ads are developed and tested in phase 2 research on a representative panel of n=200, resulting in a final recommendation report with indication of highest potential proposition for your band.

What is the timing? What is the budget?

Timing confirmation after an initial briefing meeting, in which details of the research, questionnaire and characteristics specific to the category, brands and products are defined. Expect a four to six weeks lead time for phase 1 data collection, analysis and report and another 4 weeks for phase 2 development, survey and report. Pricing can vary according to specific needs and requirements, the necessary number of completed surveys … Final price will be confirmed after the initial intake meeting. Expect a budget range between 1.500 and 21.000 euro (ex VAT).

In good company

In 2021 the Sustainability Brand Scan formed the basis of the future strategy and communications for more than 15 Belgian marketeers representing notable brands such as Polestar, Fnac/Vandenborre, Bosto and D’Ieteren. In all cases the outcome of the survey was an eye-opener to the marketing department as well as their sustainability expert. Talk to Wim Vermeulen and his team and discover where you should go with your brand.

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