Wanted: pastry animals for Dr. Oetker

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Yes, you read that correctly: pastry animals, not party animals. It’s part of the end-of-year campaign BUBKA developed for Dr. Oetker ‘Cake’. And seeing the results, it’s safe to say we found plenty of “pastry people”.

It’s even safer to say that BUBKA, as an agency, had a lot of fun developing the campaign.

The driver for people to participate was winning a very sweet-looking kitchen robot. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment comes in very handy when making pastry. And baking fans really went nuts over the prize!

"Jij bent een Crème van een Brûléeke."

But what did we get out of for Dr. Oetker? Well, we devised a number of questions that helped Dr. Oetker in gathering useful information about its fans’ baking expertise. The answers resulted in a funny “baking profile”, based on famous pastry: you could be qualified as the ‘Crème of the Brûlée’, a ‘Piece of Cakeske’ or an ‘Éclair with Flair’.

These different profiles will help us in 2019 to cater the baking community with tips and recipes that are more relevant to every individual’s baking level and interests through a solid CRM system.

The icing on the cake (sorry for that horrible joke) is the proof that Social CRM obviously can create a deeper relationship with the brand.

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