How important is sustainability to Belgians in times of a health crisis?

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How important is sustainability to Belgians in times of a health crisis?

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Millennials vinden duurzaamheid belangrijk

Before the 2020 health crisis, sustainability had rapidly gained momentum. Then came the lockdown and many climate experts wondered where sustainability would end up on the priority list of Belgian consumers.

Wim Vermeulen, Director Strategy & Sustainability at Bubka and Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye at UGent and the VUB set up a sustainability study based on consumer research during the lockdown (research facilitated by UGent).

All the results of this study are revealed by Wim Vermeulen and Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye in this Bubka webinar.

"62% of the Millennials say sustainability is a shopping priority."

Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye

Who are the 'Movables'?

In the mean time, we are delighted to share with you some of the first results that came out of the study:

For the Belgian consumer, sustainability is more important than we think. For example, 74% of Belgians are worried about climate change, 78% about the spread of diseases and 73% about too big a difference between rich and poor.

Belgians are not so convinced that we will stop climate change, only just over four in ten think so. They believe that the two main players, government and business, are not taking enough responsibility. They do have confidence in scientists.

They adapt their lifestyles, but they know that this will never have enough impact to turn the ship around. And that is a great frustration for many Belgians: they understand the scale of the problem but know that they cannot do enough about it themselves. The danger of climate depression is real, especially at Gen Z.

It is also expensive to live sustainably, according to almost seventy percent. Still, 36 percent say that, lately, they opt for more for sustainable products. After quality and price, sustainability also seems to steer the Belgians' product choice. Brands with an opinion on sustainability are appreciated.

We have also done the split between the different generations of Belgians. We see that Gen Z has a slightly different view on sustainability than Gen X. We also wonder who the Movers are and what the brands have to tell the Moveables to choose for sustainable products and with which the Resisters can no longer be activated.

Are you keen to learn what the other results are?

→ Watch the replay of the webinar

What to expect?

  1. Conclusions research on the importance of sustainability for the Belgian consumer
    Wim Vermeulen, Director Strategy & Sustainability Bubka, Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye, UGent and VUB.

  2. Launch book De Duurzame Belg (Niels Janssens, Lannoo)
  3. Making life sustainable: the business case for sustainability
    Guest: Kris Michiels, Category & Marketing Director Unilever
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For whom?

  • Marketers with sustainable brands and products
  • Sustainability experts
  • CSR professionals
  • Managers of Social Impact companies and organisations
  • Communication officers of political parties and the policy makers

Wim Vermeulen

Wim is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka. He is also Lecturer at the Solvay Business School and an international keynote speaker.

He mastered in both Political and Communication Science and studied management and marketing strategy at Cambridge and Oxford University. Recently he studied Corporate Sustainability at the London Business School.

Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow is his first book. His second book, De Duurzame Belg, is scheduled for release Mid September 2020.

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Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye

Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye is professor of Statistical modeling and Research methodology at University Gent and The Free University Brussels. He mastered in applied psychology and wrote a Ph.D. on Missing Data technology in survey research. Since a couple of years he is involved in sustainability related consumer studies with a focus on predictive segmentation research.

Kris Michiels

Category & Marketing Director at Unilever running a +380mio P&L. Passionate about Purpose, People & Performance. Entrepreneur, change catalyst, transformational & visionary leader. Life long learning evangelist.

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Niels Janssens transp 400

Niels Janssens

Publisher at LannooCampus.

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