Bubka makes Bebat and Bednet rise and shine

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Bebat asked BUBKA to help raise money during ‘De Warmste Week’. This yearly event is a special fundraising week, organized by popular radio station Studio Brussel. Since contributors can choose their own good cause to support, Bebat selected Bednet.

Bebat gives the Bednet-kids a magical Christmas

Bednet is an organization that gives children the opportunity to “attend classes” even though they cannot leave their homes or even their beds due to illness, accidents or other reasons.

Bebat asked the Belgian people to deposit as many empty batteries as possible in a nearby Bebat collection point. Based on the weight of collected batteries, Bebat would support the organization with up to € 15.000, which would give the Bednet-kids a magical Christmas!

Online campaign

BUBKA set up an online campaign in which Bednet-kids became the real stars. We made 5 short clips in which the kids talked about their situations and how Bednet was able to help them follow classes from home.

The campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, achieving fantastic results. The viewers’ reactions are extremely positive, engagement rates went through the roof.

An extra 21.000 kg of discarded batteries

Bebat collected an extra 21.000 kg of discarded batteries compared to last year. This incredible result led to a very sizeable check of 15.000 euro, which Bebat donated to Bednet during the closing event of De Warmste Week.

The coolest thing about this campaign is that it supports not one, but two great causes: an environmental one to recycle empty batteries and a socially relevant one to support the Bednet-kids. It shows that a good cause – or even two – can be an important driver for successful campaigns.

Check it out at ‪#‎batterijenvoorbednet

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