A sweet makeover for Continental Sweets Belgium

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The people at BUBKA have a sweet tooth. So we were very, very happy Continental Sweets Belgium asked us to give their corporate design a nice makeover.

Continental Sweets Belgium is a leading confectionary company. The goal is to become the strongest confectionery distribution network in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

Lofty goals. Yet, its corporate identity had been somewhat outdated for a while. BUBKA to the rescue!

First and foremost, we found the company was lacking a certain look and feel befitting the products they offer. Our rebranding idea added fun, a bit of color and a lot of liveliness to the company’s corporate identity.

It’s a representation of the distributor’s clients, with a clear and visual link to candy.

This simple yet strategically smart makeover turned the classic Continental Sweets into a modern-day candy distributor every brand and retailer should want to work with.

We didn’t stop with a new identity, though. Additionally, we implemented that same colorful look in their offices. The oId wall-panels were replaced with new ones to create a pleasant, youthful atmosphere.

One final touch to the makeover was probably the most important one: a sparkling new website.

BUBKA took care of the design, making it a user-friendly and easy to browse website. We couldn’t help ourselves and rewrote some of the copy as well.

Honestly, we really think it looks… sweet.