Tada! PeritusBrands

PeritusBrands and Bubka launch “Tada!” – crease-free and fresh in 1-2-3


With the introduction of TADA!, Belgian brand PeritusBrands, known for household classics like Blan, Remy, and Mousse de Lin, has inked itself in for “innovation of the year” in the household care market. Bubka developed the branding and positioning, along with a co-ordinated packaging and launch campaign with the perfect balance of product demo’s and feel-good themes.

TADA! is a crease- and smell-remover for every sort of washing and ironing. It’s a revolutionary new solution for anyone who wants to look their best at any and every moment. Even when washing and ironing just aren’t possible, or maybe not quite needed. Just give it a spray, pull the creases out and “TADA!” you can be on your way looking great again. Research by GfK shows that 41% of Belgians find ironing the worst job; most people iron things only if they really have to! Only 12% really enjoy the job. So it was high time for an easier alternative. TADA! is an innovation an awful lot of people have been waiting for.

“Very soon in the development process we realized there’s an enormous ‘seeing is believing’ component involved here”, adds Raf van Raemdonck, managing partner of Bubka. “:People are amazed when they see TADA! for the first time; they react with almost child-like excitement when they see that it actually works. And we’ve taken that reaction as the starting point for our campaign, where a child magician smoothes all the creases out as easy as you like!

The campaign for TADA! includes 10-and 20-second TV-ads, PR, targeted online video, online display, social media, website and in-store communication.