80% sales uplift in 1 week? Check.


OudenDijk is a Gouda cheese with a Protected Designation of Origin. It’s authentic and flavorful, definitely up to the standards of today’s demanding consumer.

Unfortunately, OudenDijk’s distribution is limited. Aside from a select number of specialty cheese stores, only supermarket chain Delhaize sells this exquisite Gouda. Albeit more like a premium private label.

Oudendijk social Waar is da feesje

Cheese the opportunity

Just before the end of the year, Delhaize reorganized its appetizer shelf and moved pre-cut OudenDijk cubes to the dark corner where olives, hummus and other appetizers were dwelling. Not where you normally find your cheese…

Fortunately, to compensate somewhat, the supermarket offered a “2+1 free” promotion on all appetizer products during Christmas week.We seized this opportunity to generate more trial, relaunch the brand as the perfect appetizer and turn OudenDijk into the Gouda of choice for all cheese lovers.

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All taste, no cliché

The starting point of OudenDijk’s relaunch was a new, tongue-in-cheek brand story.
“Noord-Hollands, maar niet giering in smaak” is a funny play on the cliché that Dutch people are stingy and don’t throw away money.

Targeting all cheese lovers

With an relatively small, but well-targeted campaign on Delhaize’s own OOH network and on social media, we were able to maximize OudenDijk’s impact on conscious consumers and cheese lovers alike.

This not only generated traffic to the store but also strengthened the brand name.

"With a relatively small but well-targeted campaign on Delhaize’s own OOH network and on social media, we made OudenDijk the Gouda of choice with conscious consumers and cheese lovers alike."

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Four phases, one goal

The campaign ran all through December, on time for the end-of-year dinner parties.

1. Load Phase

We installed the “Dutch but not stingy in taste” with a short but sweet campaign. It ran on posters in and around Delhaize supermarkets and of course online with a series of short videos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

2. Amplify phase

During the second phase, we added Delhaize’s appetizer promotion to our campaign to create awareness and trial with 15-25 second videos.

3. Consideration phase

We also started targeting people in need of inspiration for their Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinners. Everyone is doing some serious cooking then, and everyone wants to shine. But the turkey’s taking most of your attention. So we developed and promoted fun, easy and zero risk recipes with OudenDijk, which we pushed cleverly by retargeting to those who gave us their attention in phase 1 and 2.

4. Echo phase

In the last phase of the campaign we focused on conversion through link posts with an e- coupon on Facebook and Instagram.