Getting better results on social than cute cat clips? Yes, you can!

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Online videos work as long as they stand out. And as long as they have a clear message and make people feel something. The proof: an explosive campaign for Mora.

Begone, unsurprising snacks

We all know our snack pappenheimers for every occasion: popcorn with a movie, crisps during the aperitive with friends, strawberries making a date more romantic. Boring! Predictable!

BUBKA Work MORA Verschuif

This campaign is “da bomb”

To get Mora’s Mini Snacks top of mind, we literally organized a devastating attack to make do with these boring, classic snacks.

Valentijn loop

A striking, almost poetic, explosive attack.

Beautiful slow-motion clips of exploding snacks drew an almost undivided attention of scrolling eyes on social media.

9 out of 10 watched our clips from start to finish! No cat video can top that.

The average “video completion rate” of our explosive clips reached 65%, or about 20% higher than the benchmark.

You think that’s crazy?

The video we made for Mora Kipfingers reached an 88% VCR! Seriously: 9 out of 10 watched the clip from start to finish. No cat video can top that.

Eat that, Jenni Romaniuk!