What would happen if your lawn could talk? It’d send you to Horta


In order to make a brand grow, it needs to send a clear message to people. Preferably in a way that makes it stand out from other brands and in a way that it touches people. Appropriately, that is.

We started with the insight that, if you really love animals and plants, you want to build a relationship with them. And the best way to care for them is by getting the best material, feed and advice from the Horta stores. That creates a mutual feeling of friendship and respect. We decided to use that relationship as a basis for a series of silly radio commercials.

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Can you stand out with silly “dad jokes” and puns? Sure you can.

It’s not uncommon for people to talk to their animals and plants. But what would your pets and plants say if they could talk back?

And what would a blade of grass sound like when it’s drunk? Or a super positive barbecue? Or sheep, eager for adventure? Or a party-planning Dobermann?

Well, they all sound funny as hell.

Especially with a crew of talented voice actors, an excellent studio and … The silliest possible “dad jokes” and puns you can think of.

It’s more than a joke. And we have the numbers to prove it

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The saga we built around Jean and his plants and animals isn’t just funny. It’s strategically on point. And even more important: it works. And we have the numbers from a DIVA-study to prove it. Just have a look at the diagram… Don’t you just love diagrams?

“Horta commercials exceeded the average DIVA-study ratings in most important categories by a whopping +20%.”

From the radio to the store

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An icon in the making?

If your commercial is well-liked by people, if it puts a smile on their face, you can assume your brand stands out and might grow strong. That, of course, is our goal for all our clients.

Well, when it comes to likeability, our concept for Horta seems to be an icon in the making. Only the long-running concepts for Gamma and Devos-Lemmens score higher in likeability. Impressive? We sure think so.

Radio still works. If it’s strategically sound and emotionally touching. And very, very funny.

Give us a chance to make radio commercials fun again.