BOSTO continues to rice… ehm, rise


Last year Bosto took a big step towards closing the emotional gap between the rice & grains brand and today’s consumer. In 2018, BUBKA launched a broad online campaign and a new TV commercial to continue bringing the brand closer to today’s lifestyle and expectations.

2017 was an unmistakable turning point for Bosto. The #BetterMe campaign focusing on a healthy lifestyle and better food, helped Bosto exceed expectations as well as challenge the biggest competitors and private labels alike.

This year BUBKA and Bosto not only faced the challenge to match last year’s results, but also to introduce new microwave products, install the #BetterMe concept more, reach a new target audience and add a convenience focus to the brand’s perception.

A whole lot to translate into one single campaign, yet we pulled it off. A first wave was launched Mid-April. An online campaign using bannering, Youtube, Social Media and Bosto’s own widespread newsletter to promote the wide range of microwave products Bosto has to offer.

The reason to focus on online communication was, of course, that new target audience. Younger people, singles or couples, who usually don’t have a lot of time to cook but still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This audience is very active online and especially on social media.

The second wave, running in May, included a new TV-commercial for Bosto’s microwave range. Again, the ad focused on the healthy, active and busy lifestyle so many millennials are faced with. It built on last year’s TV concept, but with an added twist.

Entirely shot in BUBKA’s hometown of Antwerp, it recreated scenes relatable to anyone who struggles with the balance between work, play and health.

Convenience is key. And Bosto has just the perfect answer.

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