Two birds, one stone: draw attention to misplaced batteries and solve the attention deficit

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Recycling used batteries is incredibly important

Recycling used batteries requires less energy than extracting and processing raw materials for new ones. And it helps prevent those raw materials from becoming scarce or even exhausted. That’s why it’s incredibly important to recycle as many used batteries as possible.

Bebat is a leader in the field of collecting batteries for recycling. Not just in Belgium, but in Europe. However, some used batteries still find their way into different kinds of household waste. Bubka helped to address this issue, while at the same time trying to solve the attention deficit on social media.

Addicted to information

Everyone, everywhere, every minute of every hour is trying to get your attention on social media. The second we go online, our brains are bombarded with information.
Sadly, our poor old brains haven’t evolved as fast as modern technology and they simply can’t keep up. Since there is always more to read, see or hear, we become completely addicted to processing new information.

The result?
Our attention span has decreased to an average of 8 seconds.
Because why would you spend more time with something, when there is so much new information waiting to be discovered? For reference: a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds!

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For reference:
a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds! :-)

Give the brain what it really wants ...

Challenge: How do we get people with an attention span of 8 seconds to watch a video-ad of 20 seconds ?
The answer? We offer a place of rest.
Why? Because our brain is – subconsciously - looking for a place to relax.

We start with a calming visual of neatly organized objects, all in the same colour. A satisfying image to soothe the mind…
By relaxing the brain, we make it forget about all the other impulses, for just a moment. Our brain finally gets what it really wants. That’s how we keep people’s attention for more than 8 seconds.

... and shatter the benchmark. Calmly.

The benchmark for the completion rate for advertisement videos on social media lies between 20 and 25%. In other words, only one in five people watches the video right until the very end.

Our 20 second videos about batteries (not an easy topic, by the way) managed to achieve a completion rate of a staggering 40%. We doubled the benchmark.


We knew the campaign would be successful, but these results surprised even us. As they say: the numbers don’t lie. Neither does hard work of course. So next time you want to keep a goldfish interested, maybe try a relaxing approach first.