Baloise Insurance

From 0 to 6
in 3 years

BUBKA Work baloise

If this were a car ad, from 0 to 6 in 3 years would be abysmal. If, however, you talk about launching a new insurance brand and becoming the 6th biggest in the country with a 60% awareness rate … Well, that’s just downright impressive if we may say so ourselves.

BUBKA helped putting Baloise Insurance on the map after the fusion between Mercator and Nateus back in 2013. All thanks to consistency in strategy and creation.

21st century vision

It’s every insurance company’s goal to relieve families of daily-life stress. Baloise Insurance takes that idea to the next level, by incorporating new technologies like the internet of things, by connecting different insurance products and services and by playing into the expectations of today’s consumers. You choose what you need. No more, no less.

BUBKA took this vision and built a concept around it. One big idea that works long-term on every platform, for every product. Furthermore, the concept was easy to understand for B2C as well as B2B.

The way to the heart

It was quite the challenge to turn a housing insurance into something emotional. We succeeded through a surprising TV commercial and 360° campaign featuring a little girl, an iPad and a goldfish.

Next was a campaign featuring a robot dog. The commercial launched a revolutionary car insurance. One that makes your insurance cheaper if you take additional safety options when buying a new car.

The decision to aim straight for the heart made sense. It not only raised awareness for Baloise Insurance, but also generated an emotional connection with people.

Baloise Insurance is more than a problem solver. It is also a caretaker. And an enabler. Instead of focusing on what the company does when something goes wrong, we decided to show what you’re able to do if you don’t have to worry.

BUBKA Work BALOISE Algemeen 2

Strong strategy

People don’t like insurance companies. That is a fact. BUBKA tried to bring Baloise Insurance closer to the people, by having the brand feeling and talking just like people do. On the platforms where people are: digital and social media.

And, of course, having the chance to win a skydiving session didn’t really hurt the brand’s “likeability” either.

This all came together in one strong headline: “Geef ‘t leven alle vrijheid”. Translated it says something like: “Feel free to live”.

Basically it means that Baloise Insurance reduces friction and gives people the opportunity to live a happy daily life and to take sound decisions.