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Using the Brussels Motor Show as a kick-start, Bubka launched a campaign for the innovative car insurance offered by Baloise Insurance. From now on, your car insurance will be much more advantageous if you invest in additional safety options when purchasing a new vehicle.

Mobility and technology are evolving rapidly. Baloise Insurance sees the insurance opportunities in this and is adjusting its product range to match tomorrow’s reality. Using an integrated TV, online and field advertising campaign that perfectly links this futuristic feeling to life as we know it, Bubka is making Baloise Insurance’s image as a modern insurer even stronger.

We imagined what family life in the near future would look like. Just like technology in the vehicle, things like robot toys will also become common place. A robot dog might just be our next pet. Using this as our starting point, we created a clip in which a car is able to stop flawlessly, thanks to state-of-the-art safety features, when a 3D-animated robot dog and a little girl suddenly run out in front of it. The production is a true 3D masterpiece.

The 30-second spot runs for 3 weeks on every national station and continued in TV sponsoring. Parallel to this are the online pre-rolls on YouTube, In-read video advertising, Google displays and AdWords. The Baloise Insurance campaign focuses on awareness, but also directs curious consumers to a simulator on This will show you how much cheaper your insurance could be when you invest in safety options when purchasing a new vehicle.