Is Bubka a Blockbuster Factory?

BUBKA Work Film Header

The competition in the movie industry is tough. In corona-less times, movie theatres premiered new blockbusters every week. And every month streaming platforms bombard you with fresh content about their newest productions. On top of that, your movie has to compete with random content on YouTube, TikTok and other Instagrams.

La liorona 500

If you want to be seen in movie theaters, you must stand out online.

So how can you make sure that your new movie ends up on the audience’s “must-see” list before it is released? How do you turn it into the “talk of the town” instead of a forgotten gem?

Make creative content even more creative

Movie studios always send out a number of movie clips and trailers for promotional purposes. That “creative content” can be enhanced with an extra creative layer, to make stories and emotions even stronger.

Creed Breaker 500

We caught the eyeballs of scrolling social media users with breakers, creative use of subtitles and very original formats like whole clips moving from side to side within video ads.

Anything to stand out from boring, standard trailers and clips.

Action! Cut… ting-edge content!

Box office hit guaranteed

A whole bunch of the movies we got to campaign for, reached the top of the box office. And whether or not it is justified, we really like to believe that our cool content somewhat contributed to these successes.

So, until proven otherwise: box office hit guaranteed, thanks to Bubka.

Does that mean we’ll get a star on Hollywood Boulevard someday?